The Best Gun Safe Brands

We gun owners out there all have a responsibility to keep our firearms secure and out of reach of children and other people who may not be trained in the proper use of a gun. Part of our responsibility is providing for the safety measures to keep the guns locked away. The best way to do this is to get a gun safe. To help you in your search for the best gun safe I’ve found a few of the best brands available out there.

Cannon Safes are among the best brands of gun safes to exist. They have longer bolts, twice as long as most other brands, in doors that boast anti-pry tabs. The locking mechanisms of their safes are protected by 60+ RC hardened steel—three layers of it. Cannon has employed an excellent True Test where they expose their safes to up to 1200 degrees of heat for 8 minutes. In the event of accidents (e.g. house fires), Cannon Safes have kept their contents safe. These are useful if you want to keep important documents safe. Of course, Cannon safes are a bit on the expensive side, and their smallest gun safes are designed for large capacity.

Liberty Gun Safes designed their products to fit just about anything: passports, birth certificates, and of course firearms. The interior features shelving and compartments, and pockets on the inside of the door. These safes have a uni-body construction, UL listed mechanical locks, and hard plate lock protectors. The benefits of the uni-body construction are that there are no seams and points of weakness to prying and tampering. The mechanical locks are built to be heat and drill resistant. If the outside is tampered with using a torch or drill, the relocker inside will lock up the last tumbler, keeping the contents safe once again. The hard plates are steel treated in high temperatures to become harder. Liberty uses either triple-layered or ball-bearing hard plates.

Fort Knox, unlike Liberty and Cannon safes, has a greater variety in types of gun safes for different capacities. They manufacture not just the famous large capacity safes, but also handgun safes and vault room doors. (The latter is handier for firearms and prized possessions if you know that your collection will keep growing.) What is great about Fort Knox is they will let you custom-design a safe online for your own needs. You can choose between levels 1 to 4 of inner steel lining, and their designed Inferno Shield 90 tests have helped in eliminating hot spots and in developing thermal barriers (with two seals that protect from both fire and smoke), leading to their safes’ ability to withstand up to 1680 ºC. You have your own choice of interior type if you pick Fort Knox, whether it’s just shelving or a single shelf to accommodate space for larger gun barrels.

To buy the best gun safe from the best brand, you have to keep in mind that you will most likely spend a large amount of money. The higher quality safes are more top quality in the business. However, the cheaper models by the best brands tend to be very good in quality as well.

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