Review: Liberty Explorer 30 Minute 22 Gun Safe

I’m no particular huge fan of guns. However, my husband is. His friends and he have created a hunting club for deer season, and what I’ve found over the years is that the collection of “just one gun, that’s all” will inevitable grow as he becomes more passionate with his hobby. We used to keep his hunting equipment in a spare metal trunk under lock and key, but our little boy has recently turned three and my concern for our safety grew. It took only a small amount of persuading the husband before we bought the Liberty Explorer 30 Minute 22 Gun Safe.

Liberty Explorer 30 Minute 22 Gun SafeThis particular gun safe is a part of the Centurion collection, among what we’ve heard in certain circles are the best built safes by Liberty Safes. My husband did most of the research on gun safes—as he is the pro here, after all—but I read up on the research he did and found wonderful things about the Liberty Explorer 30 Minute 22 Gun Safe.

First of all, it’s made with a 12-gauge steel body. It’s a great number for steel gauge and actually conforms to requirements by the DOJ—requirements for gun safes that gun owners must adhere to. We absolutely love this feature because not only are we protecting ourselves, and others, but we’re also keeping with the laws concerning guns and CAP laws. The body is also made of 3 large pieces, a feature my husband adores because it makes it harder for anyone to pry it open. The hardplate is in three layers that make drilling through it almost impossible. Thieves are more easily deterred.

The safe is built to withstand many conditions. The composite doors are thicker than the normal gun safe, which helps for its fire resistant feature. As its name dictates, this entry-level Centurion safe has been tested to withstand up to 30 minutes in 1220 ºC. It comes with lag bolt-down security, so we have it bolted on our wood floor and it stays concrete in its place, preventing any possible thefts. We live in an area known for the harsh weather, so we know that in the event of a tornado the safe will stay in its place. (We’ve read accounts of Liberty safes actually being the only surviving piece of a home made into tatters by a tornado.)

We bought this gun safe for around $1000, and it was delivered to our home with help of a lift gate. The people who helped unload the truck were considerate enough to tell us to inspect the safe in case or errors. My husband and I studied the safe, and since it was our first time actually examining it in person we were very much impressed with the quality. As of now, my husband owns only 5 guns and some accessories for them. In the safe, they have plenty of space alongside the shelves, where we keep our birth certificates and other important documents, separate from shotgun ammunition. We’ve yet to see our safe tested on any extreme conditions, but if we did I’d bet on the safe surviving without a scratch.

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