Review: BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

I live in the kind of neighborhood where you never know what’s going to happen next. I got a license and a gun a few years back and didn’t think until recently to give it a proper safe. Before, I kept my handgun in a locked drawer in my bedroom, but I put some serious thought to it and decided that it would be a much, much safer option to buy a gun safe. So after listing my criteria, I decided on the BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe.

Because of the safe’s design and the pre-drilled holes, I am able to keep it in my bedside drawer. It’s pretty small at 15” by 11”, and it sits only 5” high. When I open the drawer, there’s enough space that the safe can be opened completely. The door is opened by a hydraulic hinge that ensures there’s no delay in opening it. I appreciate that the door opens upward. It’s easier to reach inside and see the contents. It’s made of steel and is pretty heavy at 20 pounds, but that’s just because it’s such a great security measure. It even has two locking bolts, which is wonderful for a safe this small.

The biometric fingerprint recognition feature is excellent. It can keep up to 30 fingerprints on record, but since I live alone I’ve recorded all of my fingers for safety. (Hey, maybe I’m just paranoid, but you never know what’s going to happen!) You do need batteries for the biometric feature, but that’s just maintenance. And if your battery runs out, you can of course use the back-up keys. In my opinion, going biometric is much better than buying the electronic combination safes. I’m naturally bad at remembering passwords, and having to press buttons for the combination is such a hassle. I would use a safe like that for something that holds documents and contents other than my gun.

What I really like about this gun safe is the way I can access the contents in a snap. If anything wrong should happen, I can have my gun for defense in a snap. I’m talking opening the drawer, pressing my finger on the biometric scanner, and snap, I got my weapon. This does take some practice. When you first acquire your safe, make sure you practice how to use it at least ten times, and then all the movements at opening it will be second nature.

And because it’s such a reliable safe, I store other things inside as well. I keep important documents at the bottom while my passport and handgun sit on top. The downside of the safe is that it’s not fire proof, but I’ve learned from a friend that there are certain measures you can take to fireproof a safe. What I do now is keep my documents in a thin fire safe with desiccant packets to keep everything dry, and as a double protection place it inside the gun safe.

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