Review: Gunvault Speedvault SV500

When I first bought my Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 gun safe, it was because I needed an upgrade on my old Gunvault handgun safe at work. The thing still functions wonderfully, but I was just in the mood for an update. Fortunately I stumbled upon the SV500 searching through Amazon, and the low price of $150 quickly piqued my interest. I did further research and, on a whim, bought it for myself.

The gun safe came in the mail complete with the hardware necessary to have it mounted on different surfaces. I have mine underneath my office desk at home. This model I bought comes with a combination lock that faces toward you and is quite easy to unlock. The interior is lined with foam that keeps my handgun in place.

You are required to put in batteries, but it’s not a giant hassle at all. It will notify you if the battery has run low when you a press a button. You can still open the safe using the backup override key. The walls of the safe are made with 18-gauge steel construction. Despite that number, which might bring some problems to some people, I find that the quality of the safe in its entirety brings me a peace of mind. My home already has its own alarm system as protection. The SV500 is just an added security measure.

After inputting your combination, the safe opens to reveal a drop-down drawer with your handgun at the ready. It’s true to its name in that access is very speedy. However, it is a bit loud when it comes to opening. It’s no problem to me but it could be to others. I found my combination safe so useful and great that I bought another one, this time a biometric safe for my work place.

The biometric SV500 is a bit more expensive (in the market, it’s available for $200). It’s the same construction as its combination safe brother, but the top boasts a scanner rather than a 4-button combination pad. This one I have mounted against the wall between my bed and my night stand. The perk of the SV500 is that it’s easy to unlock without looking. You can do this with little practice and it’ll work every time.

The nature of my occupation calls for me to have my gun near me at all times, but in a manner that safety won’t be compromised. In our environment, we strive to keep safety in check, and sometimes the only way to do that is to store our weapons in a gun safe that is both difficult to open and, if needed, will open speedily. The Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 gun safe is a wonderful design that wins thoroughly when it comes to efficiency. It has everything that I need. It’s a fast access gun safe that opens in a few seconds of command and it can be stored right underneath my desk space.
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