Review: Mesa Safe MBF6032E Burglary/Fire Gun Safe

Purchasing a gun safe was a self-explanatory next step after I got my license and purchased my first rifle. Fast forward a few years later and I had more rifles and still no gun safe. I’m fully aware of CAP laws and the call for greater security, what with recent events and debates nowadays concerning guns. Before, I’d been hoarding my guns in my generous father’s gun safe. It was fine since we often went together on hunting trips anyway, but the matter is that both of us are big fans of guns. Our own collections keep growing, and it came to the points where just opening the door made a gun topple forward. Although without bullets, it was still unsafe, and it made us aware that perhaps it was time for me to get myself my own gun safe.

The Mesa Safe MBF6032E Burglary/Fire Gun Safe – All Steel, Electronic Lock, 14.4cu ft, Black, Each is everything I ever needed. This safe has a 26-rifle capacity. As of now I have 17 firearms, but I do predict that my collection will keep growing, and when it does it’ll find a new and comfortable home inside this safe. I’m not kidding about the availability of space. With almost 15 cubic feet of room within it, I can fit not just my firearms but also bags of shot, boxes of ammunition and a variety of personal belongings I’d like to keep safe. A female friend of mine, upon seeing the interior of my safe, said jokingly, “When you’re done with this safe, just give it to me. I could use this as my closet and still have space for my shoes.”

Space aside, the protective measures of the safe are also a work of genius. The hinges are heavy-duty steel, almost impossible to be tampered with in an attempt of burglary and theft. The solid steel bolts are 1.5” in diameter and together make strong locking bolts for the door, which let me not forget to mention roughly 5” thick, has a 3-way locking system, and is lined with fire-resistant material. That last part, along with the heat activated seal, contribute greatly to the fact that in fire tests, this safe has been known to survive 1750 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as an hour. In temperatures that high (or even much lower), other safes of the same price range (a little over a thousand dollars) are known to withstand fire tests for a measly half hour only.

The body is thinner than the door, however it is lined with resistant material as a protective safety measure, so robbers have no chance against it even with their high-end drills and other equipment. The lock on the door of the Mesa Safe MBF6032E Burglary/Fire Gun Safe is efficient: it’s drill-resistant and it gives you a warning if the battery is low, unlike other safes whose batteries will give out without warning. It’s useful as well that the body comes with anchor holes and equipment for it. When I received the safe, I had wonderful help from the deliverers in transporting and anchoring it to the ground, ready for me to store my guns.

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