The Monster of Monster Safes

My Monster Vault Under-Bed Safe T1261 is among my favorite things. Buying it was a great decision. Just having it makes us feel safer. My two rifles and one handgun didn’t feel as safe in its older compartment, a gun vault I’d acquired through the internet but which I found to work in a faulty manner at times. When I got the Monster Vault Under the Bed Safe I just knew we wouldn’t regret the decision.
The gun safe I had before this sat beside a china cabinet in my family’s apartment, quite out in the open. My wife made changes to make it appear like the safe was part of the furniture, but that made it difficult to reach the safe if I needed my weapon. I like the Monster Vault because it’s specifically made for the space underneath our bed. Being that we am already small on space, I like that I can utilize the wasted space under the bed to store our belongings securely.

The safe is 7” tall, which when placed under the bed leaves a bit more space between the mattress and the top of the safe for my wife to store other things. Inside the safe, there is 3 cubic feet of storage space. I keep my firearms safe inside. It’s large enough to house even a few boxes of shotgun shot for outings to the gun range and a folder of our most important documents collected by my wife.

To access the contents, it’s as easy as putting in your password and sliding the door open (as you would do with any dresser drawer at home). You can record passwords between 3 to 8 digits long. The variety makes it much harder for safe crackers to try to get inside. My wife and I have created a system as well. We’ve taken the habit of checking the side once in a while, to see that it’s in working order, and occasionally will change up the password for maximum security. We can’t be less careful these days.

When it comes to the exterior, the safe delivers. It’s made with a cold rolled steel construction, and 140 pounds of it. It’s virtually tamper-resistant in its design, and if anyone tries to forcefully take the safe, they’ll have worse lock. We’ve worked around the outside of the safe to create braces that keep it bolted to the ground. The more secure it was in place, the better we felt. In addition, the interior has a felt bottom that keeps your belongings from scratching against the surface.

The price for this safe is about $780 including tax in most online stores. Before we came upon it, we went to the other experts at my gun range looking for recommendations. We did hear some very good ones, but they were too big, too expensive, or just not right for us. When we got the Monster Vault, we knew we’d gotten the perfect size.

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