History Meets Safety – the Winchester Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E Gun Safe

I’ve been immersed since childhood in gun culture. I lived near the farms where my grandfather and uncles would use the giant fields for skeet shooting. They often talked about guns and throughout my childhood brought me to gun shows and ranges. Inheriting that spirit about guns from my family, I’m now a gun enthusiast and a vintage gun collector. My collection started off small, but over time as I visited more gun shows and became more of a fan I’ve purchased a large share of guns, both vintage and modern. I recently moved neighborhoods, and fearing the worst, I decided a newer, more up-to-date gun safe was necessary to house my precious firearms.

I chose the Winchester Ranger Deluxe 45-7-E Gun Safe; . I’d made a list of all the things I needed, and the Winchester fit it in every category. First of all, this safe is large. It’s absolutely just what I need. It can fit 51 guns inside the spacious interior, which is also lined in automatic grade in the color gray. My rifles and shotguns are secure in their vertical positions in the safe. The door has organizer pockets that are perfect to store my smaller firearms.

I keep my revolvers and handguns in these pockets, without risk of them falling. The lower pockets, located close to the base of the door, are also a wonderful addition. These pockets have zippers and are the perfect size for documents and the like. Because I have a separate fireproof safe for my important documents like my birth certificate, I use the gun safe’s zippered pockets for folders of information and receipts for my collection. The top shelves are narrower but are great storage space for ammunition. This is a big gun safe, to say the least. It’s 72” x 40” x 30”. With such a large safe, there is no shortage of space for my increasing collection.

The safe itself weighs a whopping half-ton, which is no surprise with its granite exterior. The lock on it is electronic. I prefer it more than the mechanical combination dials, for the reason that it’s easier to access the contents. The door is very much protected 1.25” steel locking bolts (with a four-way system) and three layers of fireboard. The rest of the body has two instead of three layers of fire board, but this all adds up—this model of Winchester have been known to withstand an hour in 1400 degrees Fahrenheit of heat.

The design and function of the Winchester Ranger Deluxe Gun Safe are equally phenomenal. The electronic lock and three spoke vault handles are highly efficient to be opened quickly, but difficult to be tampered with. Drilling through the exterior is difficult with such a thick construction. The organizer drawers and pockets within are useful. They’re great for all of my guns and fit them nicely, almost as though the safe were made for them. I have this safe in the basement of my home tethered to the ground and, on occasion, have a gathering with friends so we can compare our collections. When we’re done, it’s easy to lock the door securely.

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